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Nutty Bolts

Nutty Bolts

Although I’ve been unable to progress ‘Air’ due to work and studying commitments, I have been messing with other less taxing puzzle designs in my brief moments of free time.

This has resulted in a potential series of Puzzle Bolts that I have named ‘Nutty Bolts’ because each one will have two nuts and a washer on the M20 x 90mm bolt (other puzzle bolts tend to have just one nut, so mine are nuttier than most).

The Nutty Bolts are made from large chunky bolts, which have a total length of approx. 100mm (4 inches) and weigh in at about 400 grams (14 oz) per puzzle.

Once machined, each puzzle will be finished by hand and then electro plated with zinc to seal the surface and prevent the steel from rusting.

Nutty Bolt No. 1 is currently in production and should be available by the end of May (hopefully sooner).

The initial batch will just be 30 puzzles, if these sell, I will get another batch of Nutty Bolt No. 1 manufactured and invest in an initial batch of Nutty Bolt No. 2.

I currently have five different designs prototyped and ideas for a few more.

I hope to be able to sell my Nutty Bolts for £35 +vat each (£42 inc. vat).

Keep an eye on the website and get Nutty for my Bolts soon.