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Dedicated Puzzle Workshop

Dedicated Puzzle Workshop

Decided to convert my old (1950's) garage into a dedicated puzzle assembly workshop, The initial batch of 'Fire' puzzles had been assembled in my mechanical workshop, with the laser engraver being perched on a bench in my messy (clay/plaster/fiberglass/paint) workshop, even after cleaning these areas were pretty dusty. 

I will be able to keep the dedicated puzzle workshop clean and free of mess, with all the tools and equipment needed for puzzle assembly immidiatly to hand - this will be far more condusive to efficient and happy puzzle building.

First job was to clear out all the stuff I'd dumped in the garage over the last ten years, it's amazing the stuff you find that you'd nearly forgotten about - I'm probably the only person in the UK to 'find' an M134 minigun ('ideal for home defence' - see central image) in their garage - Before you get too excited it's a replica that I used to hire out to film production companies (last used on 'Batman - The Dark Knight'), even though it's a replica it's still pretty cool and the barrels spin when connected to a car battery (I really must get around to repairing it so it fires airsoft BB's again).

Having cleared the space, the cabling went in for the new lighting and power sockets (top left image), then the insulation boards were fixed to the walls (top right image), these are really needed, as during the assembly of the first batch of 'Fire' puzzles, I had to defrost the water cooling batch for the laser engraver before I could use it (it was very cold working 14 hour days over the Christmas 2014 holidays).

After the insulation boards were fixed and sealed, then the plasterboarding (drywall) was hung (bottom two images).  After four 12 hour days over the August bank holiday weekend, I'm nearly done with the basics - a little more plasterboard to hang, then I can plaster over the joins, get it all painted, screed the floor, finish the electrics, install the workbenches and machinery (I'll keep you informed as progress is made, hope to have it all done by the end of September, so I can concentrate on the prototyping and production of 'Air'.